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about master craftsman

He is a Trained Architect, Creative Designer & Master carver

Mohd Salizan Abd Rahman, a descendant from a long line of highly skilled craftsmen, continue a family legacy and tradition to bring this unique arts of woodcarving into a new heights and dimensions by combining his modern building knowledge with traditional arts of woodcarving.

He believes that the key to exquisite woodcarving not only depends on its creative design and prudent craftsmanship but also a good supervising and understanding of the nature of material being used as well as the context where it will be placed.

His philosophy is that woodcarving design must evolve without sacrificing its essence and principle to accommodate the change of time, user needs and tastes.  Thus, ensuring the survival of the arts through time.

Most of his works are viewed in exclusivity, such as in a New National Palace of Malaysia, palaces of in various states, government buildings and the latest was in the Parliament Building of Malaysia.

One of his masterpiece and will forever be his greatest legacy was the royal throne in a New National Palace. Completed in 2010, the construction process was filmed and exclusively aired in Discovery Channel Asia Pacific Channel, titled The Royal Carver. It is very important to him because the royal throne in a former National Palace was a masterpiece done by his late farther, Abd Rahman Long.

Just to list a few…